Why you should make open days a priority

Employer research is super important, but their websites are not the only place to find all the necessary information. Where is better to learn more information about the ins and outs of the company than at an open day in the company? Don’t panic if you haven’t heard about them before.

These are important events where you can meet senior members of staff and graduate trainees, and get a chance to ask all the important questions you possibly need to. Not only that, but they can be a pretty good insight into the recruitment process and give you a good look into what the recruiters might actually be looking for. They also allow you to see if you fit in with the company culture before you go through the troubles of making an application.


What do open days involve?

Different companies will run different types of open days, depending on their priorities and values. Some of the activities include: meeting some of the staff from senior staff to current graduate trainees, touring the workplace, participating in group tasks, or networking.


Gives you inside information

Whilst research is very important for your applications, the knowledge your gain from open days can be used to impress the recruiters over and above your general research. General research will help you look serious, but wowing recruiters with some key facts, company priorities and statistics will make you shine. Take all the opportunities to get as much inside information you can to make you sound more authentic and unique - and better than (all) the rest.


Improves your chances of getting the job

These days are tailored to finding the information that cannot be found through the normal means. It is also a chance for you to ask any and every question that you need answering. It can help you get an insight into the recruiting process, especially the companies individual priorities (educational background, extracurricular activities, university modules, etc.). Finding out all this exclusive information will let you tailor and create the best application, and give you the highest chances of getting that dream job.

Not to mention, you will have the a brilliant opportunity to network with staff members. Bonus, if they remember you (make sure it’s for the right reasons) when you go for your interview you are already leaps and bounds ahead of everyone!


Need help deciding on the company?

Not only are open days supposed to help you get great insight into the company, they are also helpful for you to work out if that really is the company you want to work for. It is possible to go to an open day and decide that it’s really not the company for you, for whatever reason. It is important that wherever you chose to take your first job, or any job, that you are happy with the company. Target a few companies, even if it’s companies that you may have never heard of before, that you like the look of and do your research, and definitely go for the open days.