Which graduate employers suit me?

To get the most out of a job you want to be somewhere you think you’ll fit in. Many different factors characterise organisations, these in turn result in very different working environments. Even within the same professions.

With so many organisations out there it’s definitely worth spending some time working out what things make the optimal workplace for you!


Work/life balance - In a good number of professions longer hours are a given, such as law and nursing. Also having to work some weekends. If you wouldn’t be comfortable working outside the 9-5 Monday - Friday remember to consider this when researching and applying to jobs.


Commuting - Do you have a car? Are there good public transport links to your employer? How long will it take at rush hour? Some people have no qualms about adopting an hour and a half train journey into their lives. The commute home can be a great way to rewind and reflect on your day. However, spending 2-3 hours of your day just on travelling is a no-go for many.


Training - For many careers, training is an essential component of progression. You should look into what training is offered, whether it’s in house training days, external courses or on the job.


Career paths - A clear path for progression can be really motivating - no one wants to be stuck in a dead end job with no prospects of promotion - check out how the companies you’re interested in offer progression routes for graduates.


Travel - Enjoy travelling or enjoy your home comforts and prone to feeling homesick? Some employers offer the chance of doing 6 month assignments abroad, or involve regular national and international business trips. Take this into account based on your preferences.


Size - Do you want to be a valued employee in a small company feeling like you’re making a real impact, or aiding to the success and workings at a huge multinational corporation with room to move up? What appeals to you most?


Company culture - From relaxed dress codes, to company lunches and social events; there’s a vast difference in company work ethics and how they do stuff. Explore different organisations and try work out whether you’d enjoy a more formal, structured and hierarchical workplace or laid back and dress down friday type of company! It’s worth considering how company cultures may vary from country to country too.

Location - If not being able to pop to Pret or Greggs for your lunch sounds traumatic then its definitely worth noting that working out in the sticks probably won’t be for you. Vice versa, if you’re a through and through country bumpkin working in a busy city may be your idea of hell. Think about how your career choice may influence the area and location of where you could living or based.