The key to make your first impression the best *trump voice*

Everyone knows that first impressions count, A LOT. So if you want to be remembered (for the right reasons), we recommend following these guidelines.

It’s important to remember that regardless of how scary they may seem, recruiters are just people! It can often be nerve wracking to go into an interview and feel you’re just being judged. But it’s crucial to set these feelings aside and enter the room with the right body language. You’ve got to keep in mind what you are doing with your hands, eyes and, last but not least, your mouth.


How your handshake can bring all the jobs to the yard

Your interview will almost always start with a handshake and actually, this gesture can tell the recruiter a lot more about you than you might think. The type of handshake you give will likely influence the recruiter’s opinion of you throughout the first minutes of your interview - even subconsciously. So what is the best handshake you can give? Well a firm one of course! But not too hard, sending them to the hospital will guarantee a long lasting impression yes, but not a good one. The nerves you experience may also cause your hands to get sweaty so before you go for the handshake, make sure your hand is dry! You don’t want the interviewer to be more focused on washing their hands than on what you have to say.


Staring is not caring

So what is the right level of eye contact you should make with the interviewer? Well, you can set aside your London underground practices - avoiding looking at them will not land you that job, but neither will staring intensely. Your goal is to look at them confidently and attentively. You need to transmit that you are absorbing whatever they are saying and that you are enthusiastic when you are talking. If you take a second to look down while you think that’s completely fine (and shows you’re human). Aim to maintain a solid amount of eye contact throughout the interview and particularly at the beginning  - it shows you’re also taking your read of them and that you are interested!


Smile and wave (well, minus the wave)

In almost every case, smiling when you walk into an interview will generate a positive response from your interviewer. In most cases they will even be kind enough to smile back which means you have overcome step one - the first interaction. If they don’t smile back, then DO NOT let this discourage you - remember, they may just be testing how you respond to stress. It’s important not to force the smile too much though. You don’t want to come across as that psychopath-like person with the eye twitch. If it helps, just think of puppies or kittens or anything cute! But remember that smiling always makes you seem more approachable, which will be a bonus point in your favour.

Oh and one last tip! Please make sure you dress appropriately. No matter how comfortable you may feel in your trackies or how great you look with all that glitter on, you should look professional and serious about the job. So make sure you look the part and who knows, maybe it will make you act more like the part as well!