Rejection, it sucks but let's get you through it

You aced your interview, tests, and assessment centres… but you still didn’t get the job?! It sucks, but sh*t happens so let’s get you through this and back on top!

Rejection is not fun for anyone, especially when you felt like you aced the interview, tests, and assessment centres. The natural reaction is to want to retreat to the couch with tub after tub of Ben & Jerry’s for a week. But instead why not...


Think Positive

Listen, rejection happens to everyone. There may be that odd exception to this, ok a small handful of people may have breezed through Oxford and into some high paying job,  now owning a yacht in Monaco. But hey, we can’t all be like that… Unfortunately. But don’t be disheartened, stay positive. You will find the right job and it will all work out.



The vast majority of successful people, current CEOs, directors, famous celebs and the likes (Oprah, Spielberg, Jobs, Walt Disney, even Elvis Presley and more) all experienced failure before success. The trick is learning to be strong and treating it is as a learning curve, don’t let it knock you down. Interviewers have a specific type of person that they are aiming for, and you unfortunately, don’t fit this time. No biggie, chin up and crack on.



Although it sounds impossible in the moment, try and remain positive in the face of rejection. Instead of moping that they turned you down, ask for feedback. While you may feel like you were the perfect candidate, the feedback will allow you to see where you might have gone wrong and how you can improve for future interviews. Or it may just allow you to understand why you may not have been a great fit for the role and allow you to move onto bigger and better things.

If they give vague answers to why they hired someone else over you, like “more experienced”, there is no shame in pushing further. It will only help you to better improve your applications and performance in future interviews. Here are some tips for how to successfully contact recruiters.


Have hope!

While you may have just been told that you haven’t got the job, there is still hope that you could potentially still get it. There is no harm in contacting the employer, you can say you were thoroughly impressed with them at the interview and if their chosen candidate doesn’t work out - or if they hear about a similar position - you would be extremely interested. You can even ask if they know any other similar vacancies for other companies, which they might.

The most important thing to remember is; it’s not the end of the world, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.