Picking the right job for you

So Leo kinda makes being an investment banker, in The Wolf of Wall Street, look like the job of our dreams right? But of course - no matter how cool it looks not all of us are gifted with stocks and numbers!

When considering a future job you should think not only about whether you are right for it, but also whether the job is right for you. Whilst it’s really tempting to apply to all the jobs that sound semi-relevant - try to make sure you’re well suited before you get carried away. One in three graduates leave their jobs within a year of starting, due to not fully knowing what they were getting into. This can be a big career set back, but one that is easily avoidable.


3 Things you should consider

  1. The main duties you’ll be undergoing - are you happy to do these on a daily basis?

  2. The skills the job requires - are these things you possess, or are interested in learning?

  3. What does the company stand for - what is their mission - is it something you could stand behind?

If you’ve got this far and still think the job is suitable - then let’s think in a bit more depth: Are there times in your life that you have successfully demonstrated the key skills necessary? It’s definitely something you’ll be asked about in your interview! If not - don’t stress- skills are transferable after all. Check out skills you will have gained from university life for some examples that you might not have thought of!

One way to have some certainty about whether the job might be for you is previous work experience. If you have relevant work experience it’s more than likely you’ll have a good idea as to whether the job is going to be right for you or not. Even if the work experience may not seem relevant at first - you would have probably had to use organisation skills, communication and initiative. These skills all put you in good stead for your graduate job.


Knowing when it’s not right

Most of us have no idea what we want to be doing in one, three or five years time. Or where we see ourselves down the line. If you think you know exactly what area you want to work in, and have the right skills, experience and suitability for it, but you can’t seem to get lucky with applications; try something else. Some careers are extremely competitive - don’t take it personally! You might find something else you’ll love even more! Take a look at where do I start, and see where your degree could lead you.