Fun, prospects or money?

Everybody is individual and have varied interests, so it’s only natural to be motivated by different things. You should consider what motivates you whilst trying to decipher between career paths. People tend to get the most out of jobs they find fulfilling. That can very much depend on whether you want to travel, earn a big salary, have a clear career progression or help people out.


See yourself working on the cutting edge?

The chance to innovate can be really satisfying for some.

  • IT is a highly innovative industry, crucial to the success of many organisations - check out some careers in IT.  

  • Consumer goods and FMCG are industries that place high value on innovation and creativity within their workforces - take a look why you should consider a career in FMCG.

  • Engineering revolves around innovation; from manufacturing to infrastructure and nanotechnologies. If working on the cutting edge is what motivates you check out how you can get into engineering and what is out there.


Keen on making and building things?

Do you like the idea of making a physical impact? Leaving a lasting legacy? Building the next iconic landmark? Then a career in construction or civil and structural engineering could be right up your street .


Passionate about being sociable?

If you’re a bit of a social butterfly, and unenthused at the prospect of being sat behind a desk all day, there are plenty of jobs and careers that offer lots of chances to work out-of-office. Consulting, IT, investment banking, financial services and law often see you with the roles of managing relationships with clients and making new contacts. HR is also a great area if you want to work with people and look after their needs within a company.


Want to earn a good salary?

Big earners are the classic law, investment banking, banking and financial services professions, with graduate starting salaries, in the City, up to around £43,000. This is a no brainer if money is your kryptonite.


Enjoy being creative?

The creative industries are extensive; from marketing, editing and publishing, IT; to design, and architecture. There’s loads of choice to show your flair within your desired discipline, check out our list of creative professions.


Set on helping people?

There are many professional routes to go down if caring for people is something that you would like to do. Healthcare is an obvious example, with routes into nursing and medicine without having studied the relevant degree readily available. Teaching and education are also really fulfilling careers which have a positive impact on the lives of many. The government supports those embarking on teaching careers with generous bursaries as well!


Got the travel bug?

The start of your professional career doesn't have to signify the end of your travel one! Many graduate schemes and jobs offer the chance of an overseas placement. Whilst the location may not be at your discretion, you can end up in some pretty cool places. Hotel management, travel and tourism careers are notable options with plenty of overseas opportunities. Alternatively, a TEFL qualification is a popular alternative for being able to work all around the world.