Creativity involves fresh thinking, innovation, imagination and intuition. Employers love to hire creatives who come up with ideas that can develop a company, make big breakthroughs and inspiring evolutions.

Even if you think the role you are applying for probably won’t require much imagination, you may need to demonstrate it to get the job!


How do employers look out for creativity?

Creativity manifests itself in various ways, so naturally it can be assessed in different ways and at different stages. The initial application process is where employers look for flaws, e.g. copy and pasting from websites. It’s good if your application has a little flair to stand out from the crowd.

Having said that… don’t go nuts and over the top trying to make a really original and new application!  Applications that are processed with ease are employer friendly. Sure, some applications that you may have seen going viral and grabbed CEO’s attention might look nice out there. But they sure as hell do not have a 100% success rate.

Assessment centres have a reputation for having particularly obscure and ambiguous tasks and problem solving activities. However, these can usually be approached from a few different angles therefore giving you a chance to show your creativity and imagination. Just make sure that whatever you do or say stays relevant to the task!


Creativity on job applications

Don’t throw it back to GCSE Art and flaunt that B you’re dead proud of - using outdated examples of a skill can lead an employer to the assumption that you don’t possess it or can’t demonstrate it.

Instead, try something on the lines of - “Whilst trying to increase our figures I came up with an idea. I thought it through, then put it in a proposal to present it to my manager. We ran a trial that was successful and started implementing it in our company strategy.” Try think about something that you’ve done that’s had a positive effect.


Worried you don’t have a lot to talk about?

There are plenty of things you can get involved in or do that will give you the chance to use your initiative and try out some ideas to get creative. Try setting up, or getting involved on the board of a student society. Or even try, getting a part-time job and thinking about what you could do to make something better, or fine tune it is a great way to have more to talk about!


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