5 things you should know as a graduate joining a startup

Many students start looking for a job at large companies, and multinationals when they graduate. Then find themselves in endless assessments and application procedures. When after a while they find a job, they have very specific tasks and tight schedules. If this does not really seem like you, working at a startup might be just your thing.

Here are a few things we learned at Magnet.me that might come in handy when you want to work at a startup:


1. Not everything works perfectly...yet.

Startups are usually very focused on the product or service they are trying to build. This means that other aspects of the business, like human resources, structure and guidance, might seem like they are pushed to the side a bit. It is important that you know this before starting at a startup, as it might leave you feeling a bit lost. However, like most things, this is fixed as the business becomes more stable and as long as you are aware of it you should be perfectly fine.


2. Your tasks might change.

Startups are very dependent on the environment and the state of the market. This means, if the company goes in one direction, the employees change and you might get different responsibilities as your old ones are not relevant anymore. See it as a challenge and a way to learn new things!


3. Learn how to be flexible and work hard.

Startups are small, and the work you do will have an effect on the company as a whole. Besides this, the budgets are usually tight meaning that the work has to be done as efficiently as possible. This means you probably won’t have a 9 to 5 schedule and staying for dinner might become regular rather than rare. But if you make it work you will be rewarded!


4. Your job description will change constantly.

Your tasks and responsibilities might go from making Facebook Ads to answering the phone for customer services, and even going to the store for drinks. The work has to be done and there is only a small amount of people to do it. Don’t be scared though, there is a lot to learn from and it will make you more adaptable. You might even find a new talent!


5. There are small achievements around every corner.

The startup scene is ever-changing and growing exponentially. While you work at a startup you will (hopefully) achieve some great results and you will be part of the show! This means that you could climb up the ladder much faster here than you might be able to at a bigger company. Be proactive and take your personal growth into your own hands, once you do that there are endless opportunities ahead!